There's been a big question-mark hanging over Disney+ since it launched over when and how it would begin to incorporate 20th Century Fox content.

This morning, a new content block was announced for Disney+ that will come with an age-gated setting. Star, as its known, will see adult-oriented content on Disney+ for the very first time, and include movies and TV shows from 20th Century Fox and ABC.

This means shows like 'Family Guy', 'Lost', '24', 'The X-Files', 'Desperate Housewives' and a good few others will now be available on Disney+. As well as this, movies like the 'Die Hard' franchise and others will be joining the streaming service as well. Original content is also on its way as well.

So far, Disney has not yet released a full list of content due to be added, but they have said that the addition of this content block will double the number of movies and TV shows on the service. You have to remember, Disney has the rights to a huge amount of movies and TV shows, including some you might not even expect.

We did a cursory list of the franchises and IPs Disney took over when it purchased 20th Century Fox, and it looks like they're beginning to work their way through it. Already, a TV series based on 'Alien' is in the works with Noah Hawley, the showrunner / creator of the 'Fargo' TV series.

Star launches on Disney+ from February 23rd at no extra charge.