Emma Corrin has been earning high praise for her turn as Diana Spencer on 'The Crown'. And now a particular moment from her performance in the series has gone viral.

'The Crown' season 4 recreated a number of historical moments from the years 1977 to 1990. One of them was a TV interview with Prince Charles (played in the series by Josh O'Connor) and Diana Spencer at Buckingham Palace following their engagement.

You can watch the original with the real-life figures here.


When asked about the forthcoming wedding in the series, Charles explains they haven't done much planning yet.

The camera zooms in on Diana's face as she listens to Charles and the journalist talk.

Corrin's Diana looks coy and bashful, as if she has a secret to hide or is doing something sneaky.

Tweeters have interpreted the moment and re-captioned it in inspired ways.

Thus a new meme for 2020 was born.


In other 'The Crown' news, word has it that the Royal Family are very displeased with the latest season of the show.