The exciting new coming-of-age Irish movie is winging its way to Amazon Prime very soon.

'Dating Amber' sees 'Normal People' star Fionn O'Shea team up with Lola Petticrew ('A Bump Along the Way') as they become each other's beards while in their final year of secondary school in the '90s. You see, Eddie and Amber are both hiding their sexuality, and the only way they can manage it while at school is by pretending that they are a couple. As you can imagine, this is not going to end well.

Judging from the hilarious 'Dating Amber' trailer, the new Irish film directed by David Freyne ('The Cured') will be a coming-of-age adventure about two young people growing more comfortable with themselves at a time when Ireland was beginning to slowly see a change.

Freyne said of his new film: 'Dating Amber' is as personal a film as I will ever make.  It's my love letter to my home and for all those kids who needed to escape to be themselves.  And at its heart are two extraordinary young stars, Fionn O'Shea and Lola Petticrew.  I’m so excited to share it on Amazon Prime Video, to bring some laughter in these uncertain times and for everyone to fall in love with Eddie and Amber."

The brilliant Sharon Horgan ('Catastrophe' and 'This Way Up') pops up as Eddie's Mam, while Barry Ward (Netflix's new drama 'White Lines' and 'The End of the F***ing World') will play dad Ian.

The official synopsis for the movie is as follows:

Set-in Ireland during the mid-90’s, Eddie (O’Shea) and Amber (Petticrew) decide to stage a relationship in order to stop everyone speculating about their sexuality.  Eddie is keen to follow his Dad into the military, while Amber dreams of moving to the liberal hub of London.  However, their ‘ideal’ arrangement begins to fall apart, forcing Eddie deeper into denial as Amber realises that a perilous future awaits her best friend unless she intervenes.

'Dating Amber' arrives on Amazon Prime Thursday, June 4.