Cush Jumbo, who played Lucca Quinn in 'The Good Fight', is leaving the show.

The news comes as the final episode of the curtailed fourth season of the show aired in the US earlier this week, which wrapped shooting early due to lockdown restrictions on TV productions.

In a statement sent to media, Jumbo thanked Robert and Michelle King, the producers of both 'The Good Wife' and 'The Good Fight', and said that "due to the pandemic forcing us to shut down early we weren’t able to wrap up Lucca’s story fully and so I hope if schedules allow I can return next season to do that."

Jumbo is the second key player of 'The Good Fight' to exit the show in as many months, as Delroy Lindo - who played Adrian Boseman in the series - was also due to finish out his storyline on Season 4, but will now likely be kicked on to the fifth season of the show.

The spinoff series from 'The Good Wife' airs on CBSAllAccess in the US and is available on Amazon Prime and RTÉ One here in Ireland.