There's a new case for the police officers to crack - but who do they believe?

'Criminal' season two will see Irish actress Sharon Horgan appear alongside 'Game of Thrones'' Jon Snow in a thrilling new entry in the short drama series.

The series is a simple enough concept whereby a suspect to a case is questioned by police officers within the confines of one solitary interview suite. The first UK series launched last year, and starred David Tennant ('Doctor Who'), Hayley Atwell ('Captain America'), Youssef Kerkour ('Cursed'), and Clare-Hope Ashitey ('Children of Men').

This time around, the concept stays the same but with a different case for the police officers to crack, along with a new lineup of suspects. The four potential criminals are Kit Harington ('Game of Thrones'), Sharon Horgan ('Catastrophe'), Kunal Nayyar ('The Big Bang Theory'), and Sophie Okonedo (Netflix's upcoming 'Ratched').

A range of posters for the series' return has also been released.

An international concept on Netflix, there are currently four different versions of the series available on the streaming service. Along with the UK version, there's also a German, French, and Spanish iteration to see. Each series contains three episodes, so expect 'Criminal: UK' season two to follow the same procedure.

Here's the trailer.

'Criminal: UK' season two arrives on Netflix September 16.