Colin Farrell has given fans a big tease ahead of the upcoming 'Penguin' series, saying that it's "tasty and unusual."

In an interview with Collider, Farrell, currently doing press for his upcoming film 'The Banshees of Inisherin', was asked about the 'Batman' spinoff show.

"Penguin? Shooting here in New York," said Farrell. "I think if it goes ahead. I read the first episode, which is just so tasty and so unusual as the character was on the page and what Matt Reeves kind of envisioned when he was thinking of this iteration of the bang up of Oz.

"So yeah, it’ll be, I think six or eight hours. I’m supposed to read episode two and three within the next week."

The series officially got the green light in March. There's been little to no plot information released. However, we know it will delve into the Penguin’s rise to power in the Gotham criminal underworld.

"Matt Reeves is all over it. And sure Matt is borderline OCD when it comes to his focus and trying to do something new and original and with feeling and aesthetic and all that good stuff. I had such a blast doing that."

In another interview this week with ExtraTV, the actor revealed that the new show will pick up a week after the events of 'The Batman', which saw Gotham City flooded following a terrorist attack plotted by the Riddler.

"I read the first script for the first episode and it opens up with my feet splashing through the water in Falcone’s office. Even just that alone when I read it, I thought, 'Oh jeeze!'".

In August Warner Bros. announced a multi-year, first-look deal with Matt Reeves and his company 6th and Idaho. With a sequel to 'The Batman' also in the works, there's be plenty more Gotham coming to our screens over the next few years.

Check out the interview with Farrell here.