It may only be Tuesday, but there's some delicious 'Wednesday' news for fans of our favourite gothic family to get excited about.

Christina Ricci will return to 'The Addams Family' franchise in 'Wednesday', Netflix's forthcoming live-action revival series.

Ricci famously played the role of the dour and young lover of all things devilish in both of the early 1990s 'Addams Family' feature films - but this time around she's not going to be playing an older version of the character.

Per Deadline, Ricci will play a brand new character in 'Wednesday', believed to be taking over from previously cast actor Thora Birch (who played Dani in 'Hocus Pocus'). Birch left the project in December for "personal reasons", believed to be a family illness.

Ricci will now play a similar role to the one created for Birch, and will be a series regular on 'Wednesday'. The series has been filming on location in Romania, with production expected to wrap by the end of March.

Christina Ricci joins 'Wednesday' to make an already stacked cast even better. The Tim Burton live-action creation features Jenna Ortega ('Scream 5', 'You' season two) as the titular unsmiling young woman and we'll join her as she discovers herself during her years at Nevermore Academy.

'Chicago' and 'Zorro' star Catherine Zeta-Jones will play her delectably hideous mother, Morticia, while 'Boogie Nights' and 'Narcos' actor Luis Guzmán will play her over-enthusiastic and erratic father, Gomez. 'Game Of Thrones'' Gwendoline Christie also joins the cast in a supporting role as a character named Larissa Weems.

Since her break-out role in the dark comedy franchise in the early 1990s, Ricci has enjoyed a steady career trajectory. Her most recent works include Showtime’s 'Yellowjackets' (which has a second season on the way) and period drama 'Z: The Beginning Of Everything'. She also appeared in 'The Matrix Resurrections' and has featured in 'Rick And Morty'.

'Wednesday' will hit Netflix later this year.