The Roscommon actor will be sinking his teeth into a new comedy series for the US streamer.

Chris O'Dowd is set to star in a brand new comedy series from one of the writers of 'Schitt's Creek'.

Entitled 'The Big Door Prize', the Apple TV+ series is based on the novel of the same name by US writer M.O. Walsh. The story goes that a small town is rocked when a "mysterious machine" appears in the town's grocery store. This contraption has the ability to reveal everyone's true life potential, thus causing slight anarchy and mayhem.

The Chris O’Dowd comedy is a 10-episode series, and will see him play the role of Dusty, "a good-natured teacher and family man". All of his life, Dusty has been a by-the-book guy, rarely taking risks, leading to him living the most average of lives. However, after the appearance of this new machine, all of his life choices begin to be questioned.

Walsh shared the news on Twitter per Variety's exclusive news report, tweeting that he is: "Very thankful to have [Chris O'Dowd] on board to make one of my dreams come true!"

'The Big Door Prize' is being adapted by former 'Schitt’s Creek' executive producer and writer David West Read. Read was brought on board the Canadian comedy series created by Dan and Eugene Levy after season one as a story editor, eventually going on to become an executive producer. In this new series, he will also serve as showrunner.

O'Dowd rocketed to fame in the US following his role in Kristen Wiig's 'Bridesmaids'. However, he was more well-known over this side of the Atlantic before this for playing Roy "have you tried turning it off and on again" Trenneman in 'The IT Crowd'. He also starred in the semi-autobiographical series 'Moone Boy' for Sky, which proved to be very popular in Ireland and the UK.

His next big film role will be starring opposite Jason Mamoa in 'Slumberland', a family adventure from 'The Hunger Games' sequels director, Francis Lawrence.