According to one of the stars of the Netflix series, another return to Greendale would have been on the cards - were it not for everything.

Unfortunately for fans of the Netflix series, chances of a 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' fifth season were dashed earlier this year due to COVID-19.

Star Ross Lynch, who plays Harvey Kinkle in the drama/horror series opposite Kiernan Shipka's Sabrina, says that 10 more episodes were planned before everything went down. That means that 'Sabrina' will wrap up later this year following season four's release.

Speaking to NME about being part of the rebooted TV series, Lunch said: "It’s gonna be one of those things in my life that I’ll look back on with such nostalgia and happy feelings.

"It really was a wonderful experience from top to bottom. I learned so much, I had so many interesting relationships and ups and downs and ebbs and flows and just wonderful times.

"Vancouver is an amazing city, I loved living there right on the water and they’ve got beautiful nature and the mountains. Working on the show was so great too, everyone in the cast and crew was fantastic."

The actor then revealed that Netflix had planned on making one more series: "We probably would have had 10 more episodes had COVID not happened."

So, our next return to Greendale will be our very last (but wasn't the original plan). There's been no release date set for the final and fourth season yet, but expect details to be revealed in the near future. The final eight episodes of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' season four are still scheduled to release in 2020.

You can see the full interview here, where Lynch discusses his band The Driver Era with his brother Rocky.