Alas, 'Schitt's Creek' may be no more, but the awards for the final season of the comedy series have started to roll in.

The Catherine O'Hara acceptance speech comes as the actress was awarded with the Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress, Comedy, for the fifth year running. And it wasn't just Moira Rose who won an award, as the series walked away with a total of five wins last night, including Best Canadian Comedy Series.

O'Hara's character of Moira Rose has become an icon by fans of the show, for her positively mesmerizing ability to capture the audience when she walks into a room - as well as her extensive wig collection, high-fashion catwalk looks, and the way that she pronounces the word "Bébé".

Accepting her award while at home, the Catherine O'Hara acceptance speech began with: "I hope you and your families are well, and enjoying the great indoors. I feel like one very lucky lady to have worked on 'Schitt's Creek'— before an orchestra begins playing, and rudely cuts her off.

"What the fu-hell?" O'Hara says, before the true artiste inside of her continues giving her speech, and even begins singing along with the music. A true pro.

Dan and Eugene Levi, who play David and Johnny Rose in the sitcom, and are also the co-creators of the series, gave a special thank you to all of the Canadian cast and crew who made their six wins happen.

It's also worth noting that Emily Hampshire also won Best Supporting Actress for the fifth year in a row for her role as Stevie.

With this Catherine O'Hara acceptance speech in mind, one can't help but remember that time Moira and Alexis attempted to get to know each other a bit better, when this microphone was dropped.

We'll miss you 'Schitt's Creek'. If you haven't yet, try our personality quiz here, and read details about the finale special which is available to watch on Netflix now.