'Bridgerton' has proven a huge success for Netflix and is projected to have been watched by 63 million households after four weeks on release.

The romantic period drama depicts the lives and loves of the Bridgerton family, among others, in London high society.

After debuting on Christmas Day, the show quickly became renowned for its saucy scenes.

Audiences became particularly enamoured with star Regé-Jean Page. But he wasn't the only character involved in passionate affairs and sex scenes across the series.

Star Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony Bridgerton on the show, is introduced wrapped around his lover against a tree.

Phoebe Dynevor plays his sister Daphne, who after marrying Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, lets her freak fly.

Bailey spoke to us about working with an intimacy coordinator during the series.

He said: "It not only empowers you and makes you feel safe, from a male perspective and definitely for the women that you're playing opposite, but it just allows you to really act in the moment. You know that you're safe and that you've talked to this intimacy coordinator about your own personal boundaries and if there's anything that you're nervous about, even before the director comes in.

"So you're completely in control of your own body, your own physicality, and your own connection. And then you can freely work with the director about how delicately you can tell the stories through sexual interaction. And I think for 'Bridgerton', that is so important."

"Working as the older brother, and knowing that your younger siblings are all feeling confident and happy is great, and you're able to look at the call sheet and be excited for those scenes and not live in fear of them. The expectation on you as an actor is to come and do just what you're supposed to do, which is act. It can be incredibly daunting to be left to your own devices, as well as flattening and scary. So I'm really glad to have experienced that and glad that that safety net in the industry is there now."

Phoebe Dynevor noted: "You rehearse these scenes like they're stunts, which they are basically. So we felt really safe and the scenes are better off for it in the end, because there's a freedom there."

Bailey added: "An already creamy dessert becomes creamier, with a coordinator on set."

Dynevor also spoke about how Daphne's sexuality was an important component of her character.

She said: "She's been taught to embody all the things that make a woman desirable. But then as the story continues, we see those walls start to break down, we see more of who she really is. Simon allows her to let her guard down a little bit more and we see that evolution of a young woman coming into her own.

"Her sexual awakening is a really important aspect of her journey, finding her sexuality of a young woman. That's something that's been lost in period dramas in the past - we see these stiff corseted women through a male gaze, they're very beautiful and don't do very much, but this is the opposite of that. We see her sexual desiring of Simon, which is a really nice way of spinning it."

'Bridgerton' is streaming on Netflix now.