Going by these figures, 'Black Widow' may be the first movie to debut in both cinemas and on streaming successfully.

'Black Widow' debuted in cinemas in Ireland and the UK on 7th July, and started streaming on Disney+ via Premiere Access two days later on 9th July.

The latter date was also when it debuted in US cinemas.

Now the figures are in, and against a budget of $200 million, the superhero movie has made $86.5 million domestically and $165.5 million globally to date.

Disney Plus have revealed that you can add to those figures an additional $60 million in rental revenue.

Streaming services like Disney+, Netflix and Amazon among others are notoriously vague when it comes to revenue figures.

But clearly the House of Mouse has much to brag about, taking into account that 'Black Widow' costs €21.99 (or $30) to stream from home.

And that's on top of your regular Disney+ subscription fee.

As Eric Handler, an entertainment industry analyst with MKM Partners reflects (via Variety): "Personally, I think studios haven’t been willing to release streaming metrics for films because the numbers haven’t been very good.

"'Black Widow' appears to be the first major film where [premium video-on-demand] was truly successful."

The box office figures, meanwhile, prove that cinemas are alive and kicking again. It's great news after the pandemic hit them so hard.

Still, surely few movies will have the momentum surrounding them that 'Black Widow' had to prove so profitable both on streaming and in cinemas? Only time will tell.