A new season of the Charlie Brooker sci-fi/thriller has been confirmed three years after the most recent instalment.

'Black Mirror' season six has finally been confirmed for Netflix.

If you can believe it, it's been three years since the last instalment in the dystopian anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. The three-episode season five featured Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II getting up to all sorts of futuristic things.

Variety exclusively reports that the long-awaited 'Black Mirror' season six is in development at Netflix with casting currently underway. No plot details have been revealed, but it is understood that the season will carry more than just three episodes.

They also report: "The latest season is even more cinematic in scope, with each instalment being treated as an individual film."

This "cinematic" approach tracks well with the later seasons of the hit series, with the majority of episodes clocking in at over 60 minutes from season three onwards. Lest we forget that there was also the 'Bandersnatch' interactive film from 2018 which ran for one hour and 30 minutes (depending on how long you kept the main character played by Fionn Whitehead alive and out of trouble).

In between 'Black Mirror' season five and this new season, Brooker released two satirical films for Netflix 'Death to 2020', and its follow-up 'Death to 2021', to minor success. Leaning into his comedic background (he presented various 'Wipe' shows for the BBC), these look-backs at the memorable yet arduous years starred Hugh Grant, Tracey Ullman, Diane Morgan and Joe Keery.

And so, with us living in what felt like a 'Black Mirror'-esque reality for the past two and a bit years, it's finally time for the weird and wonderful (and sometimes woeful) series to head back to our screens. In 2020, Brooker questioned who could "stomach" a dark look at alternate realities during a time of deep unrest across the world, saying he was parking the 'Black Mirror' development for now.

It seems likely that 2023 will be the time when we'll happily watch more dystopian futures unfold on Netflix. And by then this unrest will all be over. Right?