Yup, this sounds like it's right in the 'Black Mirror' wheelhouse.

Charlie Brooker, the creator of 'Black Mirror', is working on a new project for Netflix - a mockumentary about the mess that has been the year 2020.

The global pandemic will, of course, be front and centre of the feature.

Hugh Grant stars in it.

It is said the actor accidentally revealed the news during an interview with New York Magazine for 'The Undoing' (which just wrapped on TV and which he stars in opposite Nicole Kidman).

Grant said his character is a "repellent" historian with a wig (very in line with a dystopian tone).

Netflix has kept their lips firmly sealed on any other details.

'Black Mirror' has five seasons and 22 episodes in all.

The series originally aired on Channel 4 until Netflix purchased it, commissioning the show from season three on.

Season 5, its most recent, starred the likes of Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott and Anthony Mackie. The three episodes premiered in June 2019.

Previously, Deadline reported that Charlie Brooker and fellow 'Black Mirror' showrunner Annabel Jones, under her new production outfit Broke And Bones, signed a $100M deal with Netflix giving the streamer full control of the company.