What does it all mean? When will we see the newest entry in the 'Black Mirror' series? Is season five just one long movie? Haven't the foggiest.

If you head over to your Netflix account and search 'Bandersnatch,' you'll be greeted with an image just like the one above. It features screen grabs of previous entries in the series.

Now titled as a Netflix film, Netflix has tagged 'Bandersnatch' as "Mind-bending, Offbeat, Cerebral."

Theories about 'Bandersnatch' have been plaguing the internet for a number of weeks. A "leaked" screenshot hit the web recently that seemed to place 'Bandersnatch' on Netflix's release for December 28th, although it has still not been confirmed. As we said before, 'Black Mirror' has such a mass following, that the newest entry could easily just be dropped onto the streaming platform without any warning. It would be quite a smart thing for Netflix to do - fans would lose their sh*t.

There is also apparently going to be an interactive episode of 'Black Mirror' among the series' newest releases - could this be it? An interactive sci-fi episode to take part in over the Christmas would surely be the best way to bring your family together, right? Especially if it's as grim as 'White Christmas.'

That's all we have to go on for now unfortunately.

Not forgetting of course, that Miley Cyrus recently revealed she has filmed something in South Africa for the latest series of 'Black Mirror.' The singer said, "I play one character, but I play a lot of different sides of that character and there’s a lot of dimension to it."

As her filming took place around November, we doubt that 'Bandbersnatch' will feature Cyrus; a month between shooting, wrapping, and editing a full movie wouldn't be easy to do. This means that 'Bandersnatch' might just be the first of a series of Netflix movies on 'Black Mirror' that will drop onto the streaming platform at random times in the future. As ever though, this is all speculation.

We won't know what will really happen until either Netflix reveals what the hell is going on, or we wake up on December 28th and check if 'Bandersnatch' has been released.