It's not much to go on, but considering how closely Netflix is keeping a lid on 'Black Mirror', it's hard to tell if this is real or not.

A supposedly deleted / leaked tweet from Netflix has revealed when the next episode of 'Black Mirror' will arrive. The image shows a list of films and TV shows to be added to the streaming service over Christmas, with 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' slated for December 28th.

Here's the screenshot.

The name 'Bandersnatch' comes from Lewis Carroll's 'Through The Looking-Glass', the sequel to 'Alice In Wonderland', and referred to a mythical beast. While that alone isn't enough proof, there's also a photo from April of this year - reportedly from the set of 'Black Mirror' that references the name 'Bandersnatch'.

It's worth pointing out that it seems entirely possible that Netflix would just drop 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' onto the service, without warning, because of the huge draw that the series has.

Whether or not they'll come forward and confirm the deleted tweet remains to be seen. In fact, it's even hard to know whether or not it's true or not.

In fact, you could almost argue that this is some sort of twisted experiment on the part of Netflix and Charlie Brooker. Think about it. It's a tweet that was deleted in a flash, and then captured by some randomer on Twitter, and now you've got respected news outlets (and us, lol) reporting on it - and it could be complete fiction. The Bandersnatch was, in Lewis Carroll's writings, a mythical creature that ultimately turned out to be nonsense.

Not only that, Charlie Brooker had previously teased an idea about an interactive episode in the future.

Is this it? Are we, the media, now a part of this? Is it some kind of commentary on fake news? HOLY CRAP, DID WE JUST BLOW THIS WIDE OPEN?!