'Black Beauty' arrives on Disney+ this weekend and it marks a modern revamp of Anna Sewell's classic novel.

We spoke to the film's star Mackenzie Foy about her involvement in the film. The actress has previously starred in such features as 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn', 'Interstellar', ''The Conjuring' and 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms'.

Foy described 'Black Beauty' as her "dream project".

"Jenny, who was the main Beauty that I worked with, was so expressive and sweet and lovable," she said. "I've never really bonded with a horse emotionally like that before. It was really hard to say goodbye to her, it was so much fun to be around her."

The 20 year old actress also described how her involvement with horses didn't end with wrapping on the film.

"Ashley [Avis, the director, writer, producer and editor] actually started a wild mustang foundation and I’ve been working with her on that," she told us. "We’re hoping to try help save some horses."

She continued: "I really love horses and after learning about what’s happening to them, I definitely wanted to do something to help.

"Ashley had a really beautiful image and vision for bringing awareness and trying to save and rescue horses. It was something that I just felt like I needed to be a part of."

The Wild Beauty Foundation is the name of the charity. Its aim is " to illuminate key issues horses are facing in the United States right now; namely the plight of wild horses in the American West; and the issues surrounding both wild and domestic horses being shipped across our borders to unimaginable slaughter."

Relating the foundation to 'Black Beauty', Mackenzie Foy notes: "The original book was written to raise awareness of animal cruelty. So to honour that, Ashley created Beauty as a wild mustang. To help try to bring awareness to these issues is why you see that round-up of mustangs at the beginning of the film.

"It’s a very intense and severe issue that’s happening right now and not a lot of people really know about it. So I highly encourage people that if you want to try and help is to do some research and see what’s actually happening to these horses."

You can find out more about the Wild Beauty Foundation here.

'Black Beauty' is streaming on Disney+ from Friday, 27 November.