The Netflix horror movie is on the return for a Spanish-language version.

November 2018 was a much simpler time, wasn't it? 'Bird Box' got its release on Netflix, which meant people started doing that awful "Bird Box Challenge", while the younger generation began referring to Sandra Bullock as "the woman from 'Bird Box'". The absolute cheek of them. Fans of the horror will be happy to hear then that a 'Bird Box' spin-off movie is in the works at Netflix.

According to Deadline, the production will see 'Bird Box' producers Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan team up with writer/directors Alex and David Pastor. The Pastor brothers have worked together on 'The Occupant', a recent Netflix thriller, and the 2009 pandemic movie 'Carriers'.

Let's hope that this time the movie is actually good. While enjoyable at the beginning, 'Bird Box' lagged towards the end, failing to keep ahold of our attention over the full two hours. There were some horrifying moments though, so hopefully this Spanish-language version packs more of a punch.

There have been a number of notable Spanish-language horror movies over the years. From 'Rec' (which was remake in the US as 'Quarantine'), 'The Platform' from Netflix last year was fairly decent, and of course Guillermo del Toro's 'Pan's Labyrinth' and 'The Devil's Backbone'.

According to reports, this could be the first of many upcoming local-language 'Bird Box' spin-offs. Production on this first Spanish-language version will begin towards the end of this year in Spain, with the cast yet to be found.

Off the back of its success, a 'Bird Box' sequel is believed to be in the works, following Sandra Bullock's Malorie and girl and boy after they reached the safe community. Josh Malerman's book sequel 'Malorie' was released last year.