We've said it before and we'll say it again - Netflix really knows their stuff when it comes to the young audience. Thus there are many great YA series on Netflix.

Whether they're moving dramas or laugh-out-loud comedies, there are loads to choose from when it comes to teen-led TV shows.

Having covered genres like romance, comedy, action and horror on Netflix in the past, we thought it only fair to look at teen content too.

Last week we covered the best YA movies on the streaming service.

Now we're looking at the best YA series on Netflix to get stuck into.


Never Have I Ever

This coming-of-age comedy series comes from Mindy Kaling ('The Office', 'The Mindy Kaling Project'). It focuses on Devi, a modern-day first-generation Indian American teenage girl who is dealing with the death of her father. She gets herself into some typically awkward high school teenage moments which are top-notch and just the kind of comedy you'd expect from Kaling. The series recently got the green light for a second season.



This show really took us by surprise. It's a comedy that follows the story of a teenager on the autism spectrum called Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist) and those around him, including family members. Genuinely funny but smart too, 'Atypical' has a real heart to it and has been increasingly lauded with each new series. There are three seasons on the streaming service now with a fourth and final season arriving in 2021.


Sex Education

Season one of 'Sex Education' saw Otis (Asa Butterfield) dole out sex advice to his fellow high schoolers for cash alongside Maeve (Emma Mackey). Season two landed on Netflix earlier this year, seeing Otis date his first girlfriend while still having unresolved issues with Maeve. Otis' mum Jean (Gillian Anderson) begins dating again, as well as giving sex advice in Otis' school, taking away from his business. There's a delightful amount of drama and intoxicating laughs in this refreshing and candid show populated by lovable characters.


Gilmore Girls

The pick-me-up-then-make-me-cry seven season-long series follows the highs and occasional lows of single mom Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and daughter Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). The goings on of the quirky town of Stars Hollow that they call home are never dull. Sure don't they say the best tearjerkers out there make you smile and laugh as much as they make you sob?


The End of the F**king World

This series moves from a darkly funny to heartbreaking mood with ease. Its leads Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden are fantastic. The pair play rebellious teenagers who run away from home and gradually fall in love. That makes the series sound sappy. It's anything but. In fact, half the time James (Lawther), who believes he's a psychopath, imagines how he's going to kill Alyssa (Barden). It's a short but exhilarating series and while its second season was really unnecessary, the season one finale will blow you away.


I Am Not Okay With This

‘IT’ stars Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff reunite on-screen in 'I Am Not Okay With This'. The show follows Sydney (Lillis), a teenage girl who discovers she has superpowers that emerge when she feels extreme emotions. And this is a teenage girl we’re dealing with... 'I Am Not Okay With This' is part 'The End of the F***ing World' (coming from the same director), part 'Stranger Things' (coming from the same producers) and part 'Carrie'. It oddly works, and that finale leaves you gagging for another season.


Stranger Things

We're three seasons in and we still can't get enough of 'Stranger Things'. We also can't stress enough how good this show is between the '80s homages, the characterisation, the intrigue of the plot, and its heart and humour. Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, things start turning upside down when a girl with supernatural powers named Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) shows up. Each season has a unique style and tone and we expect the fourth will be just as impressive.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sadly news arrived just last month that 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' will have just one more season. If you haven't watched the series so far, it's pretty trippy and over-the-top but totally engrossing. It follows Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka), who is a half-witch, half-mortal, as she figures out her destiny for greatness. Along the way she gets help from her aunts, cousin and friends.


Gossip Girl

'Gossip Girl' was a hit when it aired on TV for six seasons between 2007 and 2012. Now many are either discovering the pulpy whodunit for the first time or re-watching the Blake Lively starrer. The series revolves around a number of spoiled, rich teenagers living in Manhattan's Upper East Side.  Things kick off following the reappearance of "it girl" Serena van der Woodsen (Lively) after a mysterious absence.



We've said time and again how impressive the standard of Netflix documentary series is. This one is made for a YA audience too. 'Cheer' hit the streaming service earlier this year. Across six hour-long episodes, it portrays the ups and downs of Navarro College's competitive cheer squad as they go for gold. Trust us when we say you are going to fall in love with the personalities in this show - these kids are truly inspiring.


Anne With an E

Based on the classic novel from Lucy Maud Montgomery, 'Anne With an E' comprises a modern take on the original 'Anne of Green Gables'. Amybeth McNulty is just stunning as Anne Shirley. The series follows her adventures in the Canadian town of Avonlea after being adopted by an elderly brother and sister. The show got cancelled after three seasons but thousands have signed a petition calling for its renewal. Watch this space.