The global phenomenon that is Spanish series 'Money Heist' is coming to a conclusion this week. However, as one chapter closes, another is opening for one of Netflix's biggest successes.

Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, is one of the standout characters in the show, despite dying early on. Alonso announced at a live Q&A on Tuesday that the character will be returning with his own show in 2023.

"It is a memorable moment because it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another," Alonso said at the fan event. "Today I was talking to (executive producer) Jesús Colmenar and we were saying that now we walk into the unknown, open to whatever happens and without expectations."

"I know that [the screenwriters] will give the series every possible twist and turn," he said. "The responsibility can be a burden and a prison. I hope we continue to have the courage to use this wonderful energy to risk everything again," he added.

Berlin, despite being a fan favourite, is also one of the more controversial elements of 'Money Heist'. Within the show, the character is misogynistic and a violent abuser. This, combined with his portrayal as being smart, funny and likeable, have caused discomfort for some viewers.

In 'Money Heist: The Phenomenon', a Netflix documentary from 2019, Alonso describes the character as "deplorable, misogynistic, racist, and a sometimes-psychopath."

'Money Heist', 'La Casa de Papel' in Spanish, was Netflix's most-watched non-English-language drama until the release of 'Squid Game'. The show had been seen by 180 million households worldwide.

It was announced earlier this week that 'Squid Game' actor Park Hae-soo will star in an upcoming Korean adaptation of the Spanish crime series.

'Money Heist: Chapter Five, Volume Two' releases on Netflix Friday, November 3.