For the 'Star Wars' lover in your life.

The cuteness that is Baby Yoda AKA The Child AKA *SPOILER* Grogu exploded onto our screens late last year when Disney+ launched the first season of 'The Mandalorian' over in the States.

We here in Ireland began watching the series in March of this year, and with season two having just one more episode left, it meant that we had two series in one year of the sci-fi adventure spin-off.

And this season, Baby Yoda has stolen our hearts all over again. Little did we think that the furry little green guy would become more adorable - but we were proven wrong.

The final episode of 'The Mandalorian' season two arrives on Disney+ this Friday, December 18. We won't spoil anything for you in case you're still catching up on the series, so here are all of the adorable Christmas tree toppers we've spotted online with himself on top.

And finally of course, there's always room for the original Yoda on any Christmas tree.

Or maybe not...

It seems that if you're looking for your own Baby Yoda Christmas tree topper this year, you'll have to make your own. The eagerly sought-after little guy appears to be sold out everywhere online.