It's a weird time for cinemas, to say the least.

Movie studios have nearly all but given up on the summer, with almost every major release either being pushed to the autumn and winter months, or simply moved out to 2021.

A few of the movies on the run-up to lockdown measures have drastically shortened their theatrical window and have been added to home release within a couple of weeks.

We've been keeping a running tally of the moving release schedule, but one, in particular, that's worth mentioning is 'Artemis Fowl', the upcoming family adventure based on the novels by Irish writer Eoin Colfer. Originally, the movie was slated for August of last year, before it was moved to May of that year, before it was moved a full year to May 2020.

Well, given the current situation, that's out the window and now Disney has pushed 'Artemis Fowl' straight to Disney+, ditching the theatrical release altogether.

So far, a release from the Mouse House to media said that the move for 'Artemis Fowl' to Disney+ is because it's "great family entertainment that is the perfect addition to Disney+’s summer lineup." However, there's been some negative reaction online to some of the trailers for 'Artemis Fowl' on the run-up to the release.

Meanwhile, Disney have moved back release dates for 'Black Widow', 'Mulan' and 'Jungle Cruise' by several months. None of those, however, are headed to Disney+ any time soon.

So far, Disney have not yet set a date for the arrival of 'Artemis Fowl' on Disney+.