'Hillbilly Elegy' got a beating from the critics ahead of its launch on Netflix last week.

It's a shame too because the film had some big names attached. Amy Adams and Glenn Close led the cast while Ron Howard sat in the director's seat.

Our movies editor Brian Lloyd described the film as "leaden and overcooked" as well as "false and insincere."

He writes that it "flattens out the curves and sharp edges of the story, makes it into a more simplistic telling, gives us a hero and a villain, makes us feel sorry for everyone involved, and then lets everyone off the hook by the end."

The stars have been relatively quiet about the negative reception to the movie, until now.

In an interview with NME, when asked about the negative reviews regarding the movie's politics, Amy Adams emphasised the movie's themes are what's important.

"I think the themes of this movie are very universal," she said said. "Whether it be generational trauma, whether it be just examining where we come from to understand where we’re going and who we are.

"I think the universality of the themes of the movie far transcend politics."

Glenn Close added: "It wasn’t made with politics in mind. It was made with Ron’s intent. I think he succeeded magnificently to tell the story of a very specific family."

Adams also noted: "I never would presume to say what critics should or shouldn’t do.

"Everybody has a voice and can use it how they choose to use it."

'Hillbilly Elegy' is streaming on Netflix now.