Adam Sandler has had a variety of unusual roles under his belt throughout his career, but an elderly lizard might be the most bizarre of all.

That said, the trailer for new animated film 'Leo' looks like it has Sandler's trademark wry humour, coupled with a wholesome and heartwarming atory.

The titular Leo is a 74-year-old lizard who, along with Bill Burr's turtle, is a classroom pet in a Floria elementary school, who discovers that he only has one year left to live.

He decides to find a way to embark upon a series of 'bucket list' adventures with the anxiety-ridden 5th Grade students, who have their own troubles and worries.

The Netflix film is a family affair: Sandler also co-wrote the script, while his daughters Sunny (14) and Sadie (17) and his wife Jackie provide character voices.

It's released on Netflix on November 21st, and you can watch the trailer below: