If there's one thing we've been relying on heavily during lockdown, it's something to watch. But what have Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, stars of the upcoming 'Supernova', been watching?

To help with Level 5, we've been selecting five TV shows and films available on demand to watch during lockdown that got us through lockdowns one and two and just might help you get through lockdown number three.

But we're not the only ones going through it, so we asked others what they've been watching and this time it's the turn of 'Supernova' stars and multiple award-winning actors Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci..

Here's what's been keeping them entertained.

I May Destroy You - BBC iPlayer & Sky (Colin Firth)

"During lockdown one, there were a few things I watched – 'I May Destroy You', 'Normal People', and I saw 'The Queen’s Gambit'. Loved all those."

Normal People - RTE Player (Colin Firth)

"And then I went to some old movies. I found myself watching [Katherine] Hepburn and [Spencer] Tracy stuff, like 'Adam’s Rib' and 'Woman of the Year'."

The Queen's Gambit - Netflix (Colin Firth)

"I think quite a lot of people have found comfort in nostalgia."

My Octopus Teacher - Netflix (Stanley Tucci)

"I’ve been watching some television stuff. When I was filming in Spain, I had a lot of time off and I wasn’t able to come home because of the pandemic so I watched a lot of documentaries on Netflix, which was great. I watched that one about the octopus, I can’t remember what it’s called, but it was incredibly moving."

It’s A Sin - All 4 (Stanley Tucci)

I'm Grand Mam lockdown

"My wife and I just finished 'It’s a Sin', which is about the beginning of AIDs and its effect on gay culture in the 1980s. Absolutely amazing, beautiful, I could not stop weeping."