We're not going to get into the details of 'Love Island' fatigue. It's simply an "if you know, you know" case scenario. Whatever you've been watching that's zapping you, we've got some picks to release all those good endorphins.

TV is experimental — but that doesn't mean producers and show runners have got it down to a science. Sometimes, our favourite or most ritualistic shows leave us feeling drained rather than devoted.

If you're feeling the strain of those heavy watches these days, why not switch it up with something lighthearted, cheerful, or just downright bonkers? Here are our top three dopamine shows of the moment.

1. How to Build a Sex Room, Netflix

This show captures the feeling you're looking for when you click in and hit "play" — it's light, fluffy, and offers the awkward laughter one can expect from a show with such a title. But the actual reality of the show is very different than you might preconceive.

It's not as wild as we thought it would be; but where we found a sense of calm in the face of the whips, chains, and dildos, we found everything we were looking for in the aesthetics of the rooms and the quirky host, Melanie Rose.

2. Boo Bitch, Netflix

This is your dose of teen nostalgia with a twist; sure, these girls just want to enjoy their youth, but there's a catch; one of them is a ghost. Where once, the pair thought "unfinished business" meant taking school less seriously, now it has a whole new meaning.

Erica wants to do the things she was never brave enough to do before she died, so you know what that means; becoming TikTok famous and hooking up with the fella she's always fancied. But does she get a little too big for her occult boots?

3. Farzar

If you're a fan of adult animation and comedy à la 'Rick and Morty' or 'Big Mouth', we're pretty sure 'Farzar' is another safe, chortling guarantee for you.

Once a peaceful planet before aliens invaded, Farzar is undergoing... some difficulties, to say the least. Art imitates life and in Farzar, their overlords are... complicated people. The humour is a little bit slapstick, a little bit blue, and extremely enjoyable.

So, there you have it. Your 3 series guide to escaping the doom and gloom of whatever television rut you may find yourself in. Don't worry, you can thank us later.

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