Just by virtue of being an ex One Direction band member, one would have expected Zayn Malik's solo album to be among Britain's biggest selling debut albums in 2016.

However, then the album turned out to be actually quite good, containing banging tracks like "Pillowtalk" and "Like I Would", and suddenly Malik would be expected to be a shoe in for the number one spot.

Of all the competition Zayn would have faced for the top spot, he never would have expected the eventual number one to pip to the top spot. Then again, neither would anyone else. 

Yes, The Chase host, Bradley Walsh's debut EP, "Chasing Dreams" was the biggest selling album by a brit in 2016 with 111,650 copies. 

Walsh's album, which includes covers of hits such as "Fly Me To The Moon" and "That's Life" managed to sneak ahead of Malik's "Mind of Mine" despite only being released at the end of November, a full eight months later.