Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the latest band to release a selection of studio tracks, interview clips and acoustic songs as part of the iTunes Originals series.

While the entire session includes 21 tracks, you can pick and choose which tracks you want, or buy the whole lot together. Highlights include five acoustic tracks, 'Maps', 'Our Time', 'Dull Life', 'Hysteric' and 'Runaway'.

The full tracklist for the YYYs iTunes Originals is:

01 iTunes Originals
02 It's the Year to Be Hated (Interview)
03 Our Time (iTunes Originals Version)
04 A Love Song in the Truest Sense (Interview)
05 Maps (iTunes Originals Version)
06 Conga Line Around a Dead Dog (Interview)
07 Y Control
08 The Studio as Laboratory (Interview)
09 Gold Lion
10 Back From the Dead (Interview)
11 Cheated Hearts
12 Darker Side of Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Interview)
13 Down Boy
14 Something Tangy, Something Sour (Interview)
15 Dull Life (iTunes Original Version)
16 Glam Rock Murder on the Dancefloor (Interview)
17 Heads Will Roll
18 Rewarding Love Song (Interview)
19 Hysteric (iTunes Original Version)
20 Range of Musicianship (Interview)
21 Runaway (iTunes Original Version)