Electric Picnic is already a festival that caters for most activities, both musical and otherwise.

If you (somehow, inexplicably) get bored, you can always pop along to the Inflatable Church to get married, head over the My Lovely Horse Ranch to pet a few horses, go to the funfair for a go on the Chairoplanes or head to Body & Soul for a soak in a hot tub.

This year, however, you'd be advised to bring your swimming togs as for the first time, you'll be able to go swimming in the lake on the Stradbally Estate.

Don't worry, buffoonery will be kept to a minimum as there'll be lifeguards on hand to keep everyone safe. Adults who are competent swimmers are free to have a splash, while kids can also partake in the fun as long as they're accompanied by a responsible adult.

Here's a bit of history about the lake:

"The course of the Crooked River was moved to power a mill on the land of Stradbally Hall by monks from the local Franciscan Monastery during the late 15th century. The manmade lake was then created by the ancestral owners of Stradbally Hall: the Cosby family during the early 18th century. Since then it has been maintained by the family, including a memorable excavation during the 1870s when a hundred men with a hundred wheelbarrows who worked in the Malting factory from Stradbally town manually dredged the lake."

As for opening hours:

Friday: 2pm -5pm FAMILIES ONLY / 5.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY
Saturday: 10am-1pm FAMILIES ONLY / 1.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY
Sunday: 10am-1pm FAMILIES ONLY / 1.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY

Hey, if nothing else, it'd beat standing in the queue for a shower for 1+ hour (we've been that soldier).

Now all we need is the weather to play ball...