LEGO may be dismissed by some as a mere kid's past-time, but everything changes when you're in lockdown.

Even aside from the fact that we're all confined to our houses for large parts of the day, there's something incredibly therapeutic about building something out of LEGO - whether you have kids or not.

If you're a music fan, you may even have The Beatles' Yellow Submarine set that was launched in 2016 and has now become a collectors' item.

If so, you may be interested in a new competition that has asked people to submit blueprints for new LEGO sets.

Patrick Harbourn and his 8-year-old son designed Daft Punk's famous 'Alive' pyramid stage from 2007 for LEGO's 'Music to Our Ears!' competition.

"We’re both big Daft Punk fans,” Harboun told Consequence of Sound. “I spent my high school years listening to Homework on my Walkman. My son’s favourite song when he was 1 was ‘Get Lucky’. Actually, it was the only song he was willing to listen to. To keep our sanity and be allowed to listen to other songs in our life, my wife and I eventually managed to extend his appreciation to the whole Daft Punk discography. So we’ve built a set looking like the Alive 2007 pyramid stage.”

Harbourn used LEGO Night Mode for the illuminated bricks, and the result is pretty spectacular.

It's one of ten finalists you can vote for, with the winner potentially set to be manufactured.

We don't know about you, but we would 100% buy this masterpiece. You can vote for it here.