We should have known there was something brewing between this pair.

While it may seem that Liam Gallagher and Eric Cantona have little in common - particularly since Cantona played for Manchester United, the arch-rivals of the Oasis man's beloved Man City - it looks like they've found common ground through music (or their 'bad boy' status, perhaps.)

Last month, Cantona took to Instagram to declare that 'Once' was his song of the year - and by the looks of it, a friendship has been forged.

Cantona - who has turned his hand to the odd acting role since retiring from football - now stars in the official video for 'Once', which you can see below.

The video opens with him beckoning his butler 'our kid' (Gallagher) over to fill his wine glass, and it only gets better from there as Cantona fully embraces his nickname of 'The King'.

It's the best video we've seen in ages.

Watch it below: