Over in the States, Clear Channel Radio and Front Line Management have teamed up to create a new radio station where musicians produce their own radio shows, choosing songs, conducting interviews and providing commentary. The station will be called A.P.E. standing for 'artist personal experience', and is hoping to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reports Billboard.com.

While some of Front Line's biggest artists have already gotten in on the game, including Christina Aguilera, Weezer and The Eagles, it won't be purely Front Line acts that get to sit behind the desk. Christina said of the project "I am so excited to be one of the first artists on a.p.eā€¦Fans always write to ask me what I like and listen to, which makes this such a great opportunity for me to share my musical inspirations with them." During a recent three hour session Aguilera discussed motherhood and fashion, and played tracks from Santigold, Black Sabbath and Etta James.

Artists are also expected to give insight into their own work. Evan Harrison, CEO of a.p.e. radio, says the Eagles may play one of their own songs every hour or so, with a story around it.
"What's really exciting is that Joe Walsh will invite his friends to help participate, talk about destroying a hotel room or tell a more personal insight about where he was during the Kent State shooting."

A.P.E. radio will bear broadcast on Clear Channel's local websites and through widgets on participating artists' websites, as well as through Clear Channel's iheartradio iPhone and Blackberry applications.