After announcing his intention to run in Haiti's next presidential election, former Fugee Wyclef Jean's candidacy has failed to receive approval from the provisional electoral council. A council official told Reuters that Jean was not on the list of approved candidates due to be announced today, as he did not meet several legal requirements.

There has been uncertainly about Wyclef's eligibility from the very start, as all presidential candidates are expected to have lived in Haiti for at least five consecutive year and should not be a citizen of any other country. Jean falls short on both these counts, but had been advised that the council might overlook them, as they have been known to do in previous circumstances, seeing as he has held a formal, at-large Haitian ambassadorship since 2007.

However, many were outraged by Wyclef's intentions and the hip hop star even received death threats that forced him to go "into hiding" to an undisclosed location in the Caribbean. He had also been criticised by other prominent figures, including former bandmate Pras Michel, Haiti resident Sean Penn, and Arcade Fire lead man and major Haiti Benefactor Win Butler.



Wyclef Jean has since said that he will appeal this decision in regard to his eligibility, once again arguing that his ambassadorial role exempts him from the five year residency rule. He announced via Twitter, "Tomorrow our lawyers are appealing the decision of the CEP. We have met all the requirements set by the laws. And the law must be respected."