How would you fancy getting your paws on a €25 gift voucher for Tower Records for very little effort whatsoever? Well then it sounds to us like you'll just love our brand new weekly song lyric competition, which you can find here on every Friday! 

Here's how it's going to work: each week we here in the editorial team will pick one hot topic which has been doing the rounds over the course of the past few days and ask you, dear readers, to come up lyrics to a song which you feel perfectly fit the situation. It's as easy as that.

Let's elaborate further. This week's topic is the deal which Sky TV have struck with the GAA to buy the rights to a selection of Gaelic Football and Hurling games on Sky Sports, an agreement which has proved divisive this side of the Irish sea.

A €25 Tower Records voucher could be on its way to you!

Our example (which you obviously can't steal) is from Morrissey's song 'Irish Blood, English Heart', particularly the opening salvo "Irish blood, English heart, this I'm made of / There is no one on earth I'm afraid of / And no regime can buy or sell me".

All you have to do is leave your answer (the lyrics, artists name and song name) in the comments box below, or on the Facebook comments thread where you might have seen this, and then our editorial team will select what we think is the best answer on Monday. We'll then notify you and send you your voucher! Couldn't be easier. 

Let's see what you got, folks.

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