Celebrity memoirs have always been big news, but with the current boon it seems that some people have put their extra spare time to good use over the past year.

One of them is Will Smith, who is finally releasing his first memoir.

'Will' will see one of the world's most famous actors and musicians "opening up fully about his life in a brave and inspiring book that traces his learning curve to a place where outer success, inner happiness, and human connection are aligned”.

It was co-written with Mark Manson, author of 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k' and will be published on November 9th.

Smith said of the book: "It’s easy to manoeuvre the material world once you have conquered your own mind. I believe that. Once you’ve learned the terrain of your own mind, every experience, every emotion, every circumstance, whether positive or negative, simply propels you forward, to greater growth and greater experience. That is true will.

“To move forward in spite of anything. And to move forward in a way that brings others with you, rather than leave them behind.”

In an Instagram video announcing the memoir, Smith called it a 'labour of love' that he had been working on "for the past two years", and shared the cover art:

The 52-year-old has recently been announced for 'Bright 2', while 'Bad Boys 4' is also in pre-production at the moment. His most recent musical endeavour was featuring on a remix of Joyner Lucas's song 'Will' in 2020, although his last studio album was 2005's 'Lost and Found'.