When it comes to names, some bands either have no concept of irony, or just fail to fully understand it. The Thrills. Oasis. The Music. Texan trio White Denim know all about tongue-in-cheek references to ironic monikers, though - which is probably what makes their nod to dated fashion all the more effective. There's nothing dated about the Austin band's sound, though; although this is their first full-length album, it's an accomplished collection of songs, some of which were originally released on early EPs before being re-recorded for this release.

Workout Holiday is an almost unrelenting barrage of fuzzy, scuzzy, jangly, jerky garage-rock; short blasts of The Clash-in-Mexico-style punk (Let's Talk About It) are tempered by cabaret-style psych-pop that nods to references as diverse as Baby Dee and The Beatles (Sitting), Captain Beefheart (Mess Your Hair Up), and The Detroit Cobras at a house party (Darksided Computer Mouth). There are hazy, meandering instrumental doodles a-plenty, too - yet they're more of a respite from the constant activity, than an opportunity to indulge.

Overall, there's a definite sense that White Denim are much more than just another band who've pilfered elements from their eccentric record collections. And the most exciting thing? This album is just a taster of things to come, with their full-length studio debut 'Explosion' due imminently. If that record lives up to its title, then this is a titillating precursor.