She's one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, and she's on the comeback trail after a busy few years working on other projects.

The big question is, what can we expect of Lady Gaga's sixth album 'Chromatica'?

Here's everything we know about it so far...

WHAT THE HELL DOES 'CHROMATICA' ACTUALLY MEAN? Well, the dictionary definition of 'chromatic' can have both a meaning in a musical sense and a colour sense. Despite her joking that her sixth studio album would be called 'Adele', Gaga has instead created her own planet this time around – and it's called Chromatica. “Earth is canceled. I live on Chromatica”, she said, adding that it is a place “inclusive of all the colors, all the people.”

WHEN IS IT OUT?  After several delays, May 29th 2020.

WHAT HAS SHE BEEN UP TO LATELY? She's been a busy lady since her last album, 2016's 'Joanne'. There was the small matter of her enormously successful role in 'A Star is Born', where she won all the awards. She has also been undertaking a Las Vegas residency, launching her new make-up like Haus of Gaga, and next she's going to be acting in Ridley Scott's new film about the ex-wife of Gucci chief Maurizio Gucci.

WHAT SINGLES HAS SHE RELEASED FROM IT? Just the one so far. A snippet of 'Stupid Love' was leaked in January and was given an official release earlier this month. The reaction so far has been positive, with one critic declaring it a “glorious comeback”.

WHO HAS SHE WORKED WITH ON THE ALBUM? In terms of production, there are some familiar names in the fray. Michael Tucker aka BloodPop (who also worked on 'Joanne') has been described as the 'nucleus' of the album in a production sense. Other acts, including Scottish producer Sophie, Boys Noize, Burns and Axwell from Swedish House Mafia, are also said to have contributed – although it remains to be seen whether their input makes the album's final cut.

She has also written with pop svengali Max Martin (he co-wrote 'Stupid Love') and collaborated with a "fellow female pop star who [had similarly experienced] immense trauma while in the public eye" - leading many to expect a collaboration of some sort with Kesha.

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT IT TO SOUND LIKE? 'Chromatica' has arguably been Gaga's most secretive album to date, given the fact that she's been away from the musical spotlight and that she didn't even perform any new songs – as is customary with many acts who have been on long tours for one album – on her 'Joanne' world tour.

However, 'Stupid Love' harkens back to her early work, as heard on 'Born This Way', so many fans are hoping for another collection of dancefloor bangers. She has said that “We are definitely dancing” with this album – so that's a good sign, right?

WHAT LYRICAL THEMES MIGHT SHE EXPLORE? That musical direction may not exactly chime with her lyrics – but when has that stopped Gaga before? Considering that she's had an engagement and a break-up (to Christian Carino) since her last album, as well as all the 'A Star is Born' stuff, it's no surprised that she was feeling 'miserable, sad and depressed' at one point in the process. How will that affect her writing? With any luck, we'll hear empowering pick-me-up anthems rather than tales of romantic woe. Lord knows we need cheering up. And by all accounts, she's found love again with tech CEO Michael Polansky, so...