Weezer have caught us off-guard and released their 12th album; and it's packed full of great covers.

Weezer have gone for an outlandish colour for their newest release, possibly because the album itself is quite outlandish. The surprise 'Teal Album' features 10 songs from the band, but none of them are new.

Full of classics from decades past (but mostly 80's), the album sees the band take on songs from Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)'; A-ha's 'Take On Me'; and even Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean.' Black Sabbath even get a look in with 'Paranoid.'

Of course, Weezer's infamous cover of Toto's 'Africa' is the first track on the album. The massive success of said song must have influenced their decision to go hell-for-leather on a full covers' album. The idea of the 'Africa' cover first came from a fan on Twitter.

Here's the full track listing of the album from Spotify.


In case you missed it in the run-up to Christmas, Matt Daman did a full skit on 'SNL' where he fought with cast member Leslie Jones about how great Weezer are. Have a look at the situation unfold below.

Weezer are also due to be releasing their 'Black Album' later this year.