Those of us who are of a *ahem* certain age will no doubt remember Weezer breaking breaking on to the scene with the Happy Days themed video for their song 'Buddy Holly', the first of several songs from the Californian outfit's hugely successful 'Blue Album' to propel them towards the top of the charts. What's slightly disconcerting to learn is that Weezer released 'Buddy Holly' more than 20 years ago. Just where does the time go?

Anyway, now all slightly older and grayer, Weezer have announced deets of their ninth studio album which'll go by the name 'Everything Will Be Alright In The End' and they'll no doubt be hoping to add significantly to the 13 million records they've shifted so far in their career. 

The album, due in late September, was produced by Ric Ocasek who was in charge for the band's first and third albums and, as per the presser, it is "Organized thematically around three groups of songs, it is an album that utilizes that sound from the band’s earliest days to tell new stories in 2014, creating some of the finest, most heartfelt songs Weezer has ever recorded."

Watch this space.