Two of Ireland's most popular festivals will open their doors this weekend, but given that we're firmly in the grips of an "Irish Summer" you can never be entirely certain if the heavens will play nice.

We've consulted with the ever-reliable to figure out exactly what the weather gods have in store for all you festivalgoers this weekend - and it's looking increasingly likely that you'll need to pack some raingear and wellies alongside your crazy hats and novelty sunglasses (or whatever else you crazy kids are dressing like these days)...

Let's check out Sea Sessions first. The weather up in Bundoran, Co Donegal, has never been particularly relialble and it appears to be the case again this weekend with some heavy rain forecast on Saturday and Sunday, along with some relatively gusty winds. Still, it's a surfing festival so you'd have to assume that the patronage wouldn't be to perturbed by the possibility of getting a little damp.

Body & Soul in Westmeath will also welcome festival fans in their droves this weekend, but it appears that they too have drawn the short straw when it comes to weather. It looks as though Friday will be relatively dry but meteorologists have predicted a wee bit of water will fall from the sky on Saturday and Sunday. Still, none of this really matters a great deal - we live in Ireland, it's not a full festival experience without a rainshower or two.


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