For Irish people of a certain age, there are certain images and moments burned into your memory that will never fade.

The Good Friday Agreement. Mary Robinson becoming the first female president. Getting through to the quarter-finals in the World Cup in 1990. And Shane Lynch's disturbing and enthusiastic crotch-thrusting/framing on Boyzone's first Late Late Show appearance as Gay Byrne looked awkwardly on.

If you thought that was the pinnacle of Boyzone's shame, well... actually, you'd probably be right. But now a new video from 1994 of the boyband performing a dance routine to their first single 'Working My Way Back to You' has resurfaced, and it's... special.

We have so many questions: why the football theme? Why is Mikey Graham the only one wearing black shorts? And most importantly, WHY SO MUCH THRUSTING?

Watch it below, if you dare: