Famous actors in music videos is not a new development: Christopher Walken, Robert Downey Jr. and even Tom Hanks have all strutted their stuff to a tune in their time.

Kevin Spacey has now joined those illustrious ranks as he's taken time out from leading the free world in House of Cards to appear in the new video by Tom Odell.

The song is called 'Here I Am' and it's taken from Odell's new album 'Wrong Crowd', and the video sees Spacey trapped in a kind of stairwell purgatory before meeting himself and... well, we won't spoil the ending.

It's not clear whether there's a link between the two men, although it seems that Spacey might be a fan of the Englishman, having been seen at a gig of his in New York several months ago. Odell posted the below photo to Instagram with the caption 'No words required': 

Watch the video below: