If you've been a long-time watcher of X Factor, no doubt you'll remember Same Difference, the sappy pop duo comprised of brother and sister Sean and Sarah Smith.

The pair finished in third place in 2007, winning over audiences with their brand of squeaky clean, happy-clappy pop - going on to release two albums before disbanding in 2014.

Now, it seems that at least one-half of them has not given up on their pop dream, as Sean Smith has returned with new solo single.

Yet while 'Turn Me On'  may not be the most offensive song ever recorded in terms of today's chart fodder, the video is a little bit more rambunctious than his reputation might suggest, and features a lot of bare chests, boobs, half-naked pillow fights, strip poker and lads wearing dog collars and chains.

Watch it below:

H/T: Metro