They're both rappers with 'Lil' in their name, but that's about as far as the comparisons go between Lil Wayne and Lil Jon.

The former has found himself in the headlines in recent days for comments deemed controversial relating to the Black Lives Matter movement and his feelings on it, thanks to an ABC Nightline interview that he walked out on.

Now, a news anchor on New York's ABC7 has confused the rappers yet again, and Lil Jon is none too happy about it:

Watch the report here:

Lil Wayne, meanwhile, has defended his stance on his comments - telling TMZ "When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labelled a bitch and a ho, I got agitated. From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses. Apologies to anyone who was offended."

He later took to Twitter himself to post a cryptic response: