Its director was forced to deny that he had ripped off Beyonce's video for 'Formation' over the weekend, but now you can decide for yourself as the full video for Taylor Swift's comeback single 'Look What You Made Me Do' is now online.

The video debuted during the VMAs last night and has already clocked up an incredible 11 million views in just seven hours.

It's certainly an impressive promo but it also sees the pop star take the mick out of herself, opening on a shot of a gravestone that reads 'Here lies Taylor Swift's reputation' before a zombiefied Swift crawls from the ground and proceeds to rubbish every stereotype that's she's been accused of.

Oh, and there's also plenty of snakes, references to those 'I Heart T.S.' t-shirts, and subtle digs at Kanye... and let's just say it's worth watching til the end.

Watch it below: