The 'Bad Blood' singer played an acoustic set in front of just 40 fans at the intimate Bluebird Café in Tennessee to celebrate the venues 35th birthday.

Her set was being filmed for a documentary about the legendary club which has been a mainstay of the Nashville music scene for many years.

She appeared alongside country songwriter Craig Wiseman and played acoustic versions of ‘Shake It Off’ and ‘Love Story.’ The pair also shared a couple of shots of whiskey. Sure why wouldn't you.

"I wanted to say a big thank you to the Bluebird Cafe," the 28-year-old singer said, according to the Tennessean newspaper. "I think any songwriter in town would echo my sentiments and say that this is kind of the only place where this exists — this particular place where you get to come and hear the writer's take on the songs they've put out into the world."

Here’s a selection of clips that fans took on the night:


And here she is performing Better Man:


And a very cool before and after shot: 

What a gig to be at.

Via: Hollywood Reporter