Musical guests on most late night chat shows are, more often than not, chart-friendly acts or have some correlation with the usual guests.

In other cases, there might be one or two outliers - but definitely nothing as weird as this. On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, thrash metal icons Slayer were brought on as musical guests, and proceeded to play Raining Blood off their 1986 album, Reign In Blood.

As fans of Slayer will know, it's a concert mainstay and they've got it down pat so there's nothing terribly different about their performance here - except for the fact that it's taking place in the middle of a late night chat show and you've got Jimmy Fallon coming on stage afterwards exclaiming, "MY GOODNESS!" and trying to shake Kerry King's hands.

It's weird, for sure, but it's not as weird as that time Napalm Death were on a BBC children's show in 1989.