At 72 years of age, you'd think that Rod Stewart has been around the block enough times to have a bit of cop-on at this stage of his life.

Particularly given the fact that the Scottish singer is now a knight - you might expect that Sir Rod would be on his best behaviour these days.

However, it seems that the Glasgow man is in a bit of a pickle after footage emerged of him staging an ISIS-style 'mock beheading' of his mate while on holiday in Abu Dhabi, where he performed last night.

The video - posted to Instagram by his wife Penny Lancaster and later deleted - shows him surrounded by black-clad figures as a man kneels in front of him

He has since apologised for the stunt, claiming that he was 'playing at Game of Thrones'.

"From re-enacting the Beatles’ Abbey Road crossing to spontaneously playing out Game Of Thrones, we were simply larking about pre-show," he said. "Understandably, this has been misinterpreted and I send my deepest apologies to those who have been offended.”

Harmless fun or a lack of sensitivity? Watch the video posted by Lancaster below: