It's been less than a year since Robbie Williams released his new album 'The Heavy Entertainment Show', but the pop idol has announced another

'Under the Radar Volume 2' is a collection of previously-unreleased songs, demos and other cuts that didn't make his studio albums down through the years.

He said in a video message (below): "It’s a collaboration of songs that I’m extremely proud of but didn’t make the previous featured albums. They should’ve done, they’re amazing – but you can get lost in an alleyway of ‘I’ve got to write a hit or everybody dies!’ Lots of great songs go missing when you’re in that state of mind – here they are.”

The first 'Under the Radar' compilation was released in 2014 and the new one will be released later this year, with Williams promising to release videos over the summer and live performances featuring the songs.

It'll also feature a similarly arse-baring cover to its predecessor (below), by the looks of it.

Watch the announcement below: