By now, the uncanny resemblance between Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and actor Will Ferrell has been well documented.

The pair have even met up for numerous photo ops and to take the mick out of their similarities over the years, including when they challenged Metallica's Lars Ulrich to a drum-off on Jimmy Fallon.

However, an audience member at a recent gig may have thought that they pushed him too far by shouting 'Will Ferrell!' during a break between songs.

Smith angrily retorts: "Shut up!' and storms off stage, knocking one of his cymbals off-balance as he does so - and no one's quite sure whether he's joking or not, even his bandmates. 'That's not quite as bad as shouting 'Freebird'," one of them says, "but you're pretty close."

When he eventually comes back on, however, it's clear that it was all in jest. Still, it must get a tad annoying at the best of times.

Watch it below: